Corporate Trainings

Know more about our Corporate Training which includes activities like Fire Walk

We are enabling the journey of transformation of people to become their best versions. We are committed and passionate about people and their enormous potential. Our team is a blend of corporate leaders, Entrepreneurs and Rational Enablers.

Our endeavor is to demystify the path to success and transcend the journey of teams to situational Leadership. Our Methodology is an amalgamated foundation of unshakeable principles and proven practices.

We are a pack of positivists who instill hope and Belief to empower our partners to accomplish their dreams and unleash their potential within.

Our intermingled methodology exposes our partners to experiential and interactive high energy workshops filled with role plays, videos ,business world case studies and lot more rather than just PowerPoint presentations and monologues.


Some of our One Day Interactive Trainings

  • First Time Managers
  • Perception and Behavioural Management
  • Boardroom Presentation Skills
  • Energy Management
  • Aligning Personal and Organisational Goals
  • Self-Branding and Communication Skills
  • Creating Win-Win Negotiation scenarios
  • Ethical and High Selling Skills
  • Conflict Parking and Management
  • Anger Detours
  • Change Acceptance and Management

One on One Coaching Sessions

Our one-on-one coaching series encompasses 5 hour face to face or over call coaching sessions in order to support sustainable growth over time. Our team of Coaches are more keen on taking assignments which are termed as catastrophes or slow performers in teams and departments and then try and develop a variance in the attitude and performance of the same through our tried and tested success mantra.

  • For straggling performers in high performing teams
  • Managing Negative Emotions
  • Passion Management

Informative Sessions

Information sessions are useful for gleaning subjective information on topics which we face in our day to day corporate lives but somehow we don’t find ourselves updated on these topics . We have team of subject matter experts who try and create and deliver an interesting and informative sessions to departments and teams.

  • POSH Safety Drills
  • Women Safety
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Business etiquettes

Story Telling and Book Reviews

Without knowledge, it’s hard to get far in life. Knowledge applied well becomes wisdom this is also something leaders must have in abundance, if they are to be successful. One of the best sources of knowledge is books since they usually offer the most in-depth information on any given topic. In our day to day hectic schedules in corporate somehow we get less time to read books.

Our team will try and get you all the wisdom of business books, autobiographies and lot of other books in form of reviews and excerpts in an interesting presentation.