Project and IT Management

Executive Project, Operations, Supply Chain and IT Management Programs from IIM and The Top B Schools

Project managers are always in demand: no matter what the industry, there will be a need for qualified professionals to plan and provision the work. Of course, that’s just the high-level view of project management, which can be a complex and rewarding career. Project managers determine strategies to kick off the project, evaluate and understand the project requirements, analyze and gather the required professionals on board and monitor the progress of the work.

Operations Management is the heart of any company. It involves the essential steps of producing goods, quality control, quality management, managing the supply chain, facilities management, product formulation and design, ordering of goods, warehousing of goods, contacting vendors, purchasing of external products. There are millions of good jobs available in operations management and these positions offer substantial upward promotion potential.

The IT management course helps students gain a better understanding of the concepts, techniques and tools used to manage different IT functions. Individuals enrolled in an IT management class learn about data warehouses, electronic commerce, the Internet and high-speed data networks. Students learn how to build databases and online surveys that many organizations use within their IT infrastructures. They also work with a variety of high-level software tools that allow them to make computers perform functions without using traditional programming languages.


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