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The core of the investment banking role is raising money for the client. This is primarily done in two ways: by issuing equity and debt of the company. A company wanting to issue bonds hires an investment bank not only to help in structuring the bonds but also to tap the potential investors through their vast network. It works the same way for raising capital by selling equity, or stock. Investment bankers serve as the primary go-to people when a company holds an Initial Public Offer (IPO) to sell stock to the public. The role of investment bankers includes the determination of IPO price as well.

In today’s constantly evolving and highly competitive business environment, the finance function in an organisation has taken the centre stage. The treasury division of a business entity can now effectively contribute to its bottom line. The increasing diversity coupled with associated risks in finance functions have led to enhanced demand for qualified and action-driven finance professionals. It is essential to have deep and thorough knowledge of finance and its linkage with other functions as applied to corporate and financial institutions.

Financial accountants work in a wide range of industries, from corporate to nonprofit, and their responsibilities vary based on the type and size of the organization. Primary duties include preparing financial statements and reports, advising company leaders on investment practices and strategies, communicating a company’s financial status with external audiences, and staying current on the latest economic trends affecting financial decisions. 

Finance Managers work as treasurer, controllers, credit managers, cash managers,treasury mangers,merchant bankers, equity analysts, and  are responsible for preparing financial reports to meet tax and other regulatory demands. They work in almost all sectors such as  manufacturing, communications, finance, education, health care , travel etc.

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